Dr Valeria Garbin
Chemical Engineering
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Postdoc position

We are looking for a postdoc in Soft Matter and Rheology (experiment) as part of the ERC-funded project ExtreFlow. For details and to apply online, follow this link. Closing date: 30 September 2017.




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Wetting phenomena

Wetting phenomena on microstructures underpin several applications ranging from microfluidics to superhydrophobic surfaces.

microchannelsThe growth behavior of an adsorbed liquid film on a flat surface is only determined by the nature of the physical interactions between adsorbate and substrate. In a microchannel, the growth of the film can depend on the geometry of the microchannel. We have measured the adsorption of argon films on arrays of microchannels with different cross-sections. For cusp-like cross section, we observed  a distinct crossover from a planar-like to a geometry-dependent growth behavior near liquid-vapor bulk coexistence. With Surfaces and Interfaces Physics Lab at Università di Padova.

Geometric confinement also affects the evaporation of liquid films on micropatterned substrates. Interferometry allows to reconstruct the complex height profile and its time evolution during evaporation.


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L. Bruschi, G. Fois, G. Mistura, M. Tormen, V. Garbin, E. Di Fabrizio, A. Gerardino, M. Natali, Complete wetting of curved microscopic channels, Journal of Chemical Physics 125, 144709, 5 pages (2006)