Dr Valeria Garbin
Chemical Engineering
Imperial College London
London SW7 2AZ
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Postdoc position

We are looking for a postdoc in Soft Matter and Rheology (experiment) as part of the ERC-funded project ExtreFlow. For details and to apply online, follow this link. Closing date: 30 September 2017.




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Diego Baresch joins our lab as Newton International Postdoc Fellow [03/01/2017]

Collaborative paper with James Choi's group published in Journal of the Acoustical Society of America [11/10/2016] 

Saikat Saha has joined the group as PhD student [03/10/2016]

Vincent's paper on Shape oscillations of particle-coated bubbles and directional particle expulsion has been accepted in Soft Matter [05/09/2016]

Our presentations at the 30th Conference of the European Colloid and Interface Society (4-9 September 2016, Rome): Christiana on Polymer particles with controlled microstructure (Tue at 16:40 in Session VI); Axel on Ultrafast deformation of colloid monolayers at fluid interfaces (Wed at 14:55 in Session I) [02/09/2016]

Vincent has completed his PhD and is off to Australia for a postdoc with Pat Spicer at the University of New South Wales [02/09/2016]

Marc's paper Surface waves on a soft viscoelastic layer produced by an oscillating microbubble has been published in Soft Matter [13/04/2016]

Our presentations at the IOP Physics of Soft and Biological Matter meeting (6-8 April 2016, Cambridge): Valeria on Permeabilisation of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii cell wall by flow-induced viscous stresses; Axel on his PhD work, Micro-confined droplets: study of the lubrication film [22/02/2016]

Valeria will give keynote presentations at the first International Conference on Multiscale Applications of Surface Tension (5-8 September 2016, Brussels) and the 4th Cavitation Workshop (31 May 2016, Crete) [22/02/2016]

Valeria will be one of the speakers at the International Workshop on Physics of Fluids at Peking University on 20 April [10/02/2016]

Vincent's paper Cooling particle-coated bubbles: destabilization beyond dissolution arrest has been published [13/11/2015]

Garbin group talks at 68th APS-DFD meeting (Boston, 22-24 Nov 2015): Enhanced dissolution of particle-stabilized bubbles by coolingDirect visualization of microalgae rupture by ultrasound-driven bubblesSurface elastic waves on a viscoelastic boundary generated by an oscillating microbubble [11/10/2015]

Christiana presented her work on Microporous polymer particles via phase inversion of a ternary polymer solution in microfluidics at Physical Aspects of Polymer Science  IOP meeting (Manchester, 8-10 Sept 2015) [10/09/2015]

Angelo's paper Selective flow-induced vesicle rupture to sort by membrane mechanical properties published [25/08/2015]

Valeria will give invited talk at IOP workshop 'Complex fluids under extreme conditions' at University of Durham on 15 September [14/08/2015]

Valeria will give seminars in Chemistry at UCL on 21 October and in Chemical Engineering at Manchester on 16 November [09/07/2015]

Vincent will present his work on 'Particle-coated microbubbles for targeted drug delivery' at our Chemical Engineering PhD Symposium on 29 June [25/06/2015]

Valeria gives seminar at the Department of Materials of ETH Zurich [22/06/2015] 

Vincent's paper Ultrafast desorption of colloidal particles from fluid interfaces published online [28/04/2015] 

COST Workshop 'Experimental Flowing Matter' at Bilkent University (Ankara, Turkey) on 23-24 April 2015 [17/03/2015]

Valeria awarded ERC Starting Grant to investigate extreme deformation of structured fluids and interfaces [15/12/2014]

Talk at first annual meeting of COST Action 'Flowing Matter' in Lisbon [15/12/2014]

Valeria will give invited talk at the 249th ACS National Meeting in Denver on 22 March 2015 [25/11/2014]

The group is at the Annual Meeting of the Division of Fluid Dynamics of the APS in San Francisco with three talks on particle-laden microbubbles (Vincent), selective vesicle break-up (Angelo), and soft interface deformation (Marc) [23/11/2014]

PhD student Christiana Udoh joins the group [03/11/2014]

Upcoming seminars: Valeria will give seminar in Chemical Engineering at UCL on 22 October and Fluid Mechanics seminar at DAMTP, University of Cambridge, on 7 November [31/08/2014]

Upcoming Garbin group talks: Vincent will present at UK Colloids in London on 8 July and Valeria will give an invited talk at the annual Microbubble Symposium at the University of Leeds on 14 July [26/06/2014]

Valeria gives invited talk at 88th ACS Colloids and Surface Science Symposium in Philadelphia [24/06/2014]

The Garbin group was at Imperial Festival 2014 with science demonstration: Making fluids work for us. Read more on the Outreach page [10/05/2014]

Two Garbin group talks at IOP Meeting The Physics of Soft and Biological Matter on 15-16 April: Angelo talked about selective lipid vesicle break-up, Valeria talked about nanoparticle interactions at fluid interfaces [01/05/2014]

Upcoming seminar at Università di Udine and visit to CISM on 13 March 2014 [03/03/2014] 

Visting PhD student Martina Salzano de Luna joins the group from Università di Napoli Federico II [03/02/2014]

Marc Tinguely awarded Early Postdoc Mobility fellowship of the Swiss National Science Foundation [01/02/2014]

Upcoming seminar: Department of Chemistry, University of Hull on 19 February 2014 [29/01/2014]

Valeria gives seminars at the School of Chemistry of the University of Leeds [15/01/2014] 

COST Action to support research in Flowing Matter [06/01/2013]

MSc student Zhengqi Chen joins the group [15/11/2013]

Colloidal particles: Surfactants with a difference. Our Quick Study in the October issue of Physics Today [01/10/2013]

Valeria awarded EU-FP7 Career Integration Grant [01/09/2013]

Postdoc Angelo Pommella joins the group [01/05/2013]

Upcoming talks: Workshop Multiphase Physics at the Micro- and Nano-scales (Department of Physics, Università di Roma "Tor Vergata", May  16-17) and SoftComp Annual Meeting (Rimini, May 28-30) [01/05/2013]

Upcoming talks: Valeria will speak at the APS March Meeting on March 22 and at the Annual European Rheology Conference on April 4 [12/03/2013]

We will be presenting at the National Physical Laboratory's stand on bubbles and acoustics at the Big Bang Fair on Sunday March 17 [11/03/2013] 

PhD student Vincent Poulichet joins the group [04/02/2013] 

Vivere la ScienzaValeria gives seminar on Nanoparticles at interfaces at Institut de Physique de Rennes (France) [01/02/2013]

Secondary Bjerknes forces deform targeted microbubbles published online in Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology [21/01/2013]

Public outreach event in Spinea (Italy) [20/12/2012]

Valeria gives seminar on complex fluid interfaces at the National Physical Laboratory  [14/12/2012]

Near field capillary repulsion published online in Soft Matter [8/11/2012]

Valeria gives Biomedical Engineering Seminar at University of Oxford [15/10/2012]

Feature Article published online in the Journal of Colloid and Interface Science: Nanoparticles at fluid interfaces: Exploiting capping ligands to control adsorption, stability and dynamics [19/08/2012]