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Postdoc position

A postdoc position on soft matter and rheology will become available in Autumn 2017 as part of the ExtreFlow project. For more information, visit the project page here




COST Action 'Flowing Matter'

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Collaborative paper with James Choi's group published in Journal of the Acoustical Society of America [11/10/2016] 

Saikat Saha has joined the group as PhD student [03/10/2016]

Vincent's paper on Shape oscillations of particle-coated bubbles and directional particle expulsion has been accepted in Soft Matter [05/09/2016]

Our presentations at the 30th Conference of the European Colloid and Interface Society (4-9 September 2016, Rome): Christiana on Polymer particles with controlled microstructure (Tue at 16:40 in Session VI); Axel on Ultrafast deformation of colloid monolayers at fluid interfaces (Wed at 14:55 in Session I) [02/09/2016]

Vincent has completed his PhD and is off to Australia for a postdoc with Pat Spicer at the University of New South Wales [02/09/2016]

Marc's paper Surface waves on a soft viscoelastic layer produced by an oscillating microbubble has been published in Soft Matter [13/04/2016]

Our presentations at the IOP Physics of Soft and Biological Matter meeting (6-8 April 2016, Cambridge): Valeria on Permeabilisation of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii cell wall by flow-induced viscous stresses; Axel on his PhD work, Micro-confined droplets: study of the lubrication film [22/02/2016]

Valeria will give keynote presentations at the first International Conference on Multiscale Applications of Surface Tension (5-8 September 2016, Brussels) and the 4th Cavitation Workshop (31 May 2016, Crete) [22/02/2016]

Valeria will be one of the speakers at the International Workshop on Physics of Fluids at Peking University on 20 April [10/02/2016]

Vincent's paper Cooling particle-coated bubbles: destabilization beyond dissolution arrest has been published [13/11/2015]

Garbin group talks at 68th APS-DFD meeting (Boston, 22-24 Nov 2015): Enhanced dissolution of particle-stabilized bubbles by coolingDirect visualization of microalgae rupture by ultrasound-driven bubblesSurface elastic waves on a viscoelastic boundary generated by an oscillating microbubble [11/10/2015]

Christiana presented her work on Microporous polymer particles via phase inversion of a ternary polymer solution in microfluidics at Physical Aspects of Polymer Science  IOP meeting (Manchester, 8-10 Sept 2015) [10/09/2015]

Angelo's paper Selective flow-induced vesicle rupture to sort by membrane mechanical properties published [25/08/2015]

Valeria will give invited talk at IOP workshop 'Complex fluids under extreme conditions' at University of Durham on 15 September [14/08/2015]

Valeria will give seminars in Chemistry at UCL on 21 October and in Chemical Engineering at Manchester on 16 November [09/07/2015]

Vincent will present his work on 'Particle-coated microbubbles for targeted drug delivery' at our Chemical Engineering PhD Symposium on 29 June [25/06/2015]

Valeria gives seminar at the Department of Materials of ETH Zurich [22/06/2015] 

Vincent's paper Ultrafast desorption of colloidal particles from fluid interfaces published online [28/04/2015] 

COST Workshop 'Experimental Flowing Matter' at Bilkent University (Ankara, Turkey) on 23-24 April 2015 [17/03/2015]

Valeria awarded ERC Starting Grant to investigate extreme deformation of structured fluids and interfaces [15/12/2014]

Talk at first annual meeting of COST Action 'Flowing Matter' in Lisbon [15/12/2014]

Valeria will give invited talk at the 249th ACS National Meeting in Denver on 22 March 2015 [25/11/2014]

The group is at the Annual Meeting of the Division of Fluid Dynamics of the APS in San Francisco with three talks on particle-laden microbubbles (Vincent), selective vesicle break-up (Angelo), and soft interface deformation (Marc) [23/11/2014]

PhD student Christiana Udoh joins the group [03/11/2014]

Upcoming seminars: Valeria will give seminar in Chemical Engineering at UCL on 22 October and Fluid Mechanics seminar at DAMTP, University of Cambridge, on 7 November [31/08/2014]

Upcoming Garbin group talks: Vincent will present at UK Colloids in London on 8 July and Valeria will give an invited talk at the annual Microbubble Symposium at the University of Leeds on 14 July [26/06/2014]

Valeria gives invited talk at 88th ACS Colloids and Surface Science Symposium in Philadelphia [24/06/2014]

The Garbin group was at Imperial Festival 2014 with science demonstration: Making fluids work for us. Read more on the Outreach page [10/05/2014]

Two Garbin group talks at IOP Meeting The Physics of Soft and Biological Matter on 15-16 April: Angelo talked about selective lipid vesicle break-up, Valeria talked about nanoparticle interactions at fluid interfaces [01/05/2014]

Upcoming seminar at Università di Udine and visit to CISM on 13 March 2014 [03/03/2014] 

Visting PhD student Martina Salzano de Luna joins the group from Università di Napoli Federico II [03/02/2014]

Marc Tinguely awarded Early Postdoc Mobility fellowship of the Swiss National Science Foundation [01/02/2014]

Upcoming seminar: Department of Chemistry, University of Hull on 19 February 2014 [29/01/2014]

Valeria gives seminars at the School of Chemistry of the University of Leeds [15/01/2014] 

COST Action to support research in Flowing Matter [06/01/2013]

MSc student Zhengqi Chen joins the group [15/11/2013]

Colloidal particles: Surfactants with a difference. Our Quick Study in the October issue of Physics Today [01/10/2013]

Valeria awarded EU-FP7 Career Integration Grant [01/09/2013]

Postdoc Angelo Pommella joins the group [01/05/2013]

Upcoming talks: Workshop Multiphase Physics at the Micro- and Nano-scales (Department of Physics, Università di Roma "Tor Vergata", May  16-17) and SoftComp Annual Meeting (Rimini, May 28-30) [01/05/2013]

Upcoming talks: Valeria will speak at the APS March Meeting on March 22 and at the Annual European Rheology Conference on April 4 [12/03/2013]

We will be presenting at the National Physical Laboratory's stand on bubbles and acoustics at the Big Bang Fair on Sunday March 17 [11/03/2013] 

PhD student Vincent Poulichet joins the group [04/02/2013] 

Vivere la ScienzaValeria gives seminar on Nanoparticles at interfaces at Institut de Physique de Rennes (France) [01/02/2013]

Secondary Bjerknes forces deform targeted microbubbles published online in Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology [21/01/2013]

Public outreach event in Spinea (Italy) [20/12/2012]

Valeria gives seminar on complex fluid interfaces at the National Physical Laboratory  [14/12/2012]

Near field capillary repulsion published online in Soft Matter [8/11/2012]

Valeria gives Biomedical Engineering Seminar at University of Oxford [15/10/2012]

Feature Article published online in the Journal of Colloid and Interface Science: Nanoparticles at fluid interfaces: Exploiting capping ligands to control adsorption, stability and dynamics [19/08/2012]