Dr Valeria Garbin
Chemical Engineering
Imperial College London
London SW7 2AZ
+44 20 759 42878
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COST Action 'Flowing Matter'

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Welcome to the Garbin Group in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London. Our research interests are in microscale transport phenomena in soft and biological matter, for applications in drug delivery, bioprocessing flows, self-assembly and soft materials. We use a combination of microscopy, microfluidics, and acoustofluidics, to provide precision dynamic measurements on the micro- and nanoscale. We are currently studying extreme deformation of complex fluids and interfaces, stimuli-responsive capsules for formulated products, and flow-induced cell breakup for bioprocessing.

From left to right: Marco De Corato, Christiana Udoh, Axel Huerre, Anja Rajaonah, Akaki Jamburidze, Toshihiko Tsuneyoshi, Vincent Poulichet, Valeria Garbin (April 2016)


Our presentations at the 30th Conference of the European Colloid and Interface Society (4-9 September 2016, Rome): Christiana on Polymer particles with controlled microstructure (Tue at 16:40 in Session VI); Axel on Ultrafast deformation of colloid monolayers at fluid interfaces (Wed at 14:55 in Session I) [02/09/2016]

Marc's paper Surface waves on a soft viscoelastic layer produced by an oscillating microbubble has been published in Soft Matter [13/04/2016]

Our presentations at the IOP Physics of Soft and Biological Matter meeting (6-8 April 2016, Cambridge): Valeria on Permeabilisation of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii cell wall by flow-induced viscous stresses; Axel on his PhD work, Micro-confined droplets: study of the lubrication film [22/02/2016]

Valeria will give keynote presentations at the first International Conference on Multiscale Applications of Surface Tension (5-8 September 2016, Brussels) and the 4th Cavitation Workshop (31 May 2016, Crete) [22/02/2016]

Valeria will be one of the speakers at the International Workshop on Physics of Fluids at Peking University on 20 April [10/02/2016]